Maritime Service

Customs Clearance

Quality and efficiency are the cornerstones of all operations. Our services, as clearing Agents, cover clearing of all categories of import and export from customs control up to delivery at across Nigeria. Seamless integration with out ICT setup also allows us track movement of your delivery within the country tracking devices installed in all our delivery vehicles. The clearing department of Good Intentions Services Limited also renders prompt and efficient services to principals, manufacturers and industrialist desirous of benefiting from Government’s Trade indulgence scheme

Special Cargo Clearance

The acquired experience and competence in special cargo clearance and delivery Ex-Tank Farm flowing from over 35 years or working in Nigeria Customs Services and Maritime organizations cannot be over emphasized.
We are well rooted and always abreast of time in processing Trade indulgence in the maritime sector.
This emails seeking and obtaining appropriate approvals for clearance of goods without payment of duty provided duty liability is secured with Bank Guarantee.


We are licensed as forwarding agents by Nigeria Ports Pls. This means that we can handle Door-to-Door delivery and have established representative interest with forwarding companies in major cities of the world.


At GISL, we pride ourselves with first class management, well-kitted staff and equipment to serve our clients.
We also stress safety, speed, integrity, and competitive costs in the discharge of our duties, and above all, focus on delivering a reliable service. We discharge on time to maximize trun-around status of vessels.
Our stevedoring handling equipment is complemented by an ongoing replacement and upgrading programme. The equipment is meant to facilitate wide-arrange vessels and cargo handling requirements.

Shipping Agents

Our business is to prepare shipping documents, arrange shipping space, and insurance as well as deal with customs requirement. We also provide offshore security support services to maritime and energy sectors of the Nigerian Economy.

“All in all, at the heart of our business, are experts who are retired as top-level Customs officers. These same group, while in active government service were directly responsible for the drafting of the rules and regulations that govern modern Customs business currently and for the foreseeable future.”