This arm of our business is fully devoted to Customs business and International Trade. This encompasses the following services.

Customs Duties This is a significant element of business expenses. With proper planning, significant reduction can be achieved in customs duties, provide certainty regarding the ultimate duty assessment and ensure compliance with relevant laws thereby maximizing profits and minimizing tariff liabilities to generate significant savings. Our company is well rooted in this advising on just duty payment. Armed with this understanding and the knowledge that what we can do outweighs what we can't, success has become a normal part of our lives at GOOD INTENTIONS.

Customs Valuation Involves a number of complex formulas tailored towards the procedural direction of World Customs Organization (WCO) to which Nigeria is a member. The manners in which transactions are structured and documented frequently affect dateable value.

Customs Clearance Quality and efficiency are the cornerstones of all operations. Our services, as clearing Agents, cover clearing of all categories of import and export from customs control up to delivery at across Nigeria. Seamless integration with out ICT setup also allows us track movement of your delivery within the country tracking devices installed in all our delivery vehicles. The clearing department of Good Intentions Services Limited also renders prompt and efficient services to principals, manufacturers and industrialist desirous of benefiting from Government’s Trade indulgence scheme.

Goods Classification Classification determines the advisability of goods, rate at which duty is paid, the applicability of Import Restrictions and availability of special tariff treatment mostly based on WCO Harmonized Internal system.

Forwarding We are licensed as forwarding agents by Nigeria Ports Pls. This means that we can handle Door-to-Door delivery and have established representative interest with forwarding companies in major cities of the world.

Duty Free or Reduced Duty Treatment Are available through other programmes such as cash flow benefits etc. For example, making use of Bonded Warehouses or Foreign Free Trade Zones as well as participation in Temporary Importation Programmes and Privileges. Upon consideration of possibilities for structuring import transaction, it is advisable to secure binding rulings from customs to confirm the conclusions reached. These rulings provide a high level of certainty thus minimizing “unexpected” assessments. GISL is very adept at assisting our clients in securing binding rulings for their shipments.

Automated Economic Operator (AEO) A standardized accreditation issued by Customs Administration for business involved in Import & Export of goods. It is an internationally recognized Supply Claim System devised by the WCO to increase the security of the international supply claim. GISL can offer streamline process that ensures that business is best placed to secure successful AEO accreditation in Nigeria.

“All in all, at the heart of our business, are experts who retired as top-level Customs officers. This same group, while in active government service were directly responsible for the drafting of the rules and regulations that govern modern Customs business currently and for the foreseeable future.”